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Imagine what it would be like if everywhere
a family or a child or a stranger
showed up
they would find a heartfelt welcome and invitation
to be part of a community becoming the best version of itself.

For four decades Interfaith Outreach and our community partners
have envisioned a community like that.
We’ve been working together across sectors and systems
In concrete and visible ways to give form to that vision.

We want to build a community where everyone counts
Where all children are cherished and protected
Where family life is valued and supported by all of our institutions
and through all stages of life
Where communities of faith inspire and challenge
Where the marketplace rewards both hard work and smart work
Where housing and health care are the vigilantly guarded rights of all
Where government serves and does justice
Where media tell the story of our life together with integrity
Where people of all ages and races and backgrounds
look after one another.
Where the community we build together will always be more
for the sharing of the gifts of each of us.

It’s what we’re after.

Won’t you find your irreplaceable role
In this sacred venture
and come along?

-LaDonna Hoy
Founder and Executive Director Emerita

Interfaith Outreach
Igniting the power of community

Engaging cross-sector community partnerships in delivery of family support, food, housing and neighborhoods, education and youth, employment, and transportation services that open doors to new and hopeful futures.

A community becoming the best version of itself

  • An aware community
  • Positioned for collaborative action
  • With systems at work for mutually beneficial outcomes
  • Community prosperity defined by the prosperity of all