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Our vision

To build a vibrant community where everyone counts and all sectors and systems work together for the good of all.

Our mission

To engage the heart and will of our community to respond to emergency needs and create opportunities for all to thrive.

Our values

  • Our community at its best is welcoming, attentive, responsive and inclusive.
  • Everyone in our community counts; everyone has an irreplaceable role to play.
  • At the heart of our work are relationships built upon mutual respect, trust and accountability.
  • Community partnerships provide powerful and life-changing opportunities.
  • There is transformative power in giving and receiving.
  • We are on this human journey together. The community we build together is more for the sharing or less for the withholding of the gifts of each of us.


Interfaith Outreach embraces diversity and is committed to promoting an inclusive environment across all types of difference. Inclusionary relationships are core to our role as an employer, service provider, partner and community leader. We commit to engaging in respectful dialogue, courageous conversations and bold action in service of a community becoming its best.

Diversity includes differences of perspective and preference, sexual orientation, political affiliation, economic status, veteran status, national origin or culture, race, age, gender, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, language, religious or non-religious background; physical, mental and developmental ability; and all other visible and non-visible differences.