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Financial and Basic Needs Assistance

IOCP’s Director of Case Management talks about the importance of combining resources for maximum impact.


how can we assist you? 


colorful clothes including children's clothing is displayed on a rack
Colorful clothes including children’s clothing is displayed on a rack

IOCP’s Resale Select store provides high quality clothing, household goods and furniture at low prices to stretch tight budgets and support IOCP’s program expenses. In some cases, individuals working with IOCP Case Managers or Employment Services staff can be referred to Resale for basic needs items at no cost.


Clothing Assistance Details

Individuals working with IOCP Case Managers or Employment Services staff can be referred to Resale Select for basic needs items at no cost.

  • Clothing items such as shoes, undergarments, shirts, and pants for children and adults are available
  • This service is available by appointment from 12 to 3 P.M. Monday through Friday.
  • Inventory varies and is dependent on generous donations by community members.  
  • Winter coats are available October – February
  • Call the IOCP front desk for a referral: 763-489-7500


Rental Assistance

Black male hand holding key - representing leasing an apartment
Black male hand holding key – representing leasing an apartment

IOCP is able to provide emergency rent assistance in some cases to households facing a financial emergency that is resolvable in 1-2 months. If back rent is owed, our assistance must secure housing. Assistance is based on your budget and current financial situation. 


Rental and Mortgage Assistance Details

Before we provide assistance, we will ask you to:

  • Pursue payment arrangements or an extension with your landlord 
  • Access all resources available to you – personal, public, family/friends
  • Apply for Hennepin County Emergency Assistance, cash assistance and food support if applicable
  • Verify through bank statements that your income received within the past 30 days show that you have prioritized basic needs 
  • If you are unemployed or underemployed, participate in an active job search and work with our Employment Services team. 


Rental Assistance Resources


Utility Assistance

Light switch plate with one dial three switches in on position are shown on a white wall
Keep the lights on – IOCP can help pay Utility bills

IOCP is able to assist with utility assistance in some cases when our assist prevents utility shut-off and utilities are affordable ongoing. Utility Assistance is available two times in a 12-month period, up to $1,000 per utility assist and up to $400 for a phone assist. Please note this assistance cannot exceed Interfaith’s monthly assistance cap. 


Utility Assistance Details

IOCP can help if you: 

  • have housing within the 8 cities that we serve: Hamel, Long Lake, Medicine Lake, Medina, Minnetonka Beach, Orono, Wayzata, Plymouth (west of 494) and 4 housing communities near Medicine Lake 
  • have a utility that is disconnected or past due more than 1 month 
  • have used Hennepin County Emergency Assistance in last year or have been denied 
  • have applied for Energy Assistance if applicable at this time 
  • have applied for other applicable forms of assistance (ex: GAP, Power On, others) 
  • have paid toward your balance in the last 6 months or have the ability to contribute toward the fee 
  • have used all other resources – personal, public, family/friends 


Utility Assistance Resources
  • Community Action Partnership of Hennepin County (CAP-HC) 952-930-3541  
  • HeatShare provides energy assistance on a year-round basis to families in crisis. Funds are used for natural gas, fuel oil, propane, electricity, furnace checkups, and, in the Twin Cities area, furnace repairs, 1-800-842-7279  
  • Xcel: POWER On offers low-income households a discount on their monthly electric and gas bills. Provides assistance in two ways: affordable monthly payments as a percentage of your household income or past-due bill forgiveness
  • Centerpoint: Gas Affordability Program offers additional funds to help customers manage monthly energy costs and past-due balances. 



Mechanic works on hoisted white car
Mechanic works on hoisted white car

IOCP is able to provide car repair assistance in some cases to make a car operable and safe (no bodywork, preventative maintenance or transmissions). A professional mechanic must perform repairs. Assistance is based on income with limits to the amount of assistance we can provide per repair and the amount of assistance we can provide per household. 


Car Repair Assistance Details

This service is available if you are in our service area and you

  • need your car for work, school, job search or medical appointments 
  • are employed or, if unemployed and able to work, are actively job seeking 
  • have a valid license and current insurance 
  • have the ability to pay at least 5% of the repair cost 
  • have used all other resources that might be able to help – personal, public, family/friends 

Other requirements:

  • Car payments, insurance and regular maintenance must be affordable on-going 
  • The car must be your only vehicle in the household or you provide documented need for more than one car 
  • The value of the car must be greater than the cost of the repair 
  • Car must have less than 200,001 miles on it (if over miles, we will need a mechanic approval for repair) 

Car Repair/Rides

Community Action Partnership of Hennepin County’s Vehicle Repair Assistance Program (low-cost auto repairs) 952-933-9639 

The Lift Garage (low-cost auto repairs) (612) 866-5840 

The Car Clinic (minor vehicle repair and maintenance to single parents, seniors, veterans, the homeless, or persons in financial need)  

Hennepin Health: Residents of Hennepin County who are eligible for MN Healthcare Programs may also be eligible for rides to medical appointments 

Help to Your Door: Fees are applicable based on age and income 

Check with your health insurance provider on free or discounted rides to and from medical appointments 

Interfaith Outreach is an equal opportunity provider.

history of IOCP, Interfaith outreach & community partners

It started with a promise more than 40 years ago.

We will build a community where everyone counts, where all children are cherished and protected, and where individual and family life is valued and supported by all.

Since 1979, this great community has been doing just that: leading, rallying and igniting the power of people in eight Twin Cities west metro communities to address the urgent needs of people living right here, our neighbors. What started as a small food shelf has become a resource for thousands of people in eight west Hennepin County communities.