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Volunteers are the heart and hands of Interfaith Outreach. Their generous donation of time, energy and savvy makes our programs possible. From individuals to civic groups and corporations, volunteers are the service multipliers who grow our capacity to get clients what they need on a daily basis. Throughout the year we highlight volunteers serving in one of our many program areas. (Interested in joining our volunteer team? Learn more.)

july 2022 – rick graft

Rick Graft is truly a “Jack-of-all-trades” at Interfaith Outreach.

When he attended a Sleep Out event more than 10 years ago, Rick felt that Interfaith Outreach was a place where he wanted to spend his time and energy. And that is just what he has done since then.

As a volunteer, Rick has stepped in to do everything from leading the Operations Committee, including driving students to and from sailing summer camps, creating maintenance schedules for Interfaith vehicles, and serving at community outreach and fundraising events.

Rick’s commitment and willingness to jump into any project comes from his “total belief in the mission of Interfaith Outreach” and he continues to return because of the dedication and commitment he sees from other volunteers, donors, staff and clients.

The “feeling of community is always 100%,” Rick says. “(When I serve,) I always feel I get it back tenfold.”

Thank you for your incredible service, Rick, and for your incredible commitment to our mission and community!

may 2022 – stephanie lasota

After moving from Chicago to Plymouth in 2001, Stephanie LaSota wanted to set a good example for her two small children. She was drawn to the mission of Interfaith Outreach. “To this day, that mission and the many friends I have made are what motivate me to continue volunteering.” 

Stephanie takes great pride in managing the book collection at Resale Select. “I am always thrilled when customers tell me how much they love the book department. The low prices make it possible for everyone to enjoy quality books.” She especially enjoys seeing kids look through the books and hearing them ask their caregivers if they can get one. 

Stephanie also loves the people she works with. “We are all here for the same purpose and while we work hard, we always have fun,” she says. “Resale Select is a very welcoming environment and the donated merchandise is incredible. It’s definitely more of a boutique than a thrift store, and I’m very proud to work as well as shop there.” 

Thank you for your commitment to our mission and to your role at Resale Select, Stephanie! 

March 2022 – Judy and Doug Mandy

When Judy Mandy retired, she was looking for a new purpose and she thought about Interfaith Outreach. She remembered her father volunteering for Interfaith and LaDonna Hoy, Interfaith’s founder, as her religion teacher back in the 1960s. She began her journey as a volunteer coordinator and her husband Doug was active in the Holiday Gift Program.

Then an opportunity came to use “the big IOCP truck” to pick up donated food at local grocery stores.  This meant Doug and Judy could volunteer together and try something unique and different. More recently, they have been making Thursday afternoon home food deliveries.

Doug and Judy are motivated by their clients. “During interactions with our home delivery clients we have been blessed and thanked so much. The appreciation is palpable.”

There are lighthearted moments, too. Judy remembers, “One time I brought a client’s food to her door without Doug and she kept looking around for ‘that guy.’ Doug got a kick out of being ‘that guy.'”

“Volunteering at Interfaith Outreach has extended my shelf-life so to speak,” Judy believes. It has offered both Judy and Doug a continued purpose in retirement with the added benefit of developing many friendships.

Thank you, Judy and Doug, for all of the ways you have supported Interfaith’s mission – and clients – through your volunteer work!

January 2022 – Kathy Cerles

Kathy Cerles began her volunteer work with Interfaith as a mentor in the Neighborhood Program Homework Club. She told us she was inspired to get involved after she read a study indicating that a lack of math skills is a major obstacle to high school graduation.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit and the in-person youth mentoring program ended, she changed her volunteer role but not her dedication to the Interfaith mission.

In the spring of 2021 Kathy joined Interfaith Outreach’s new Intake and Referral volunteer team. Diving headfirst into this new adventure, she spent hours training and shadowing staff in order to most effectively welcome new clients to Interfaith Outreach. Kathy learned what life circumstances might bring people to our doors, and how to help folks connect to programs that can provide assistance.

Today, Kathy is excited to develop her repertoire even further as she joins the talented team of volunteers who help operate the Interfaith Outreach front desk. Kathy tells us, “It gives me joy and fulfillment to feel as if I have helped in some way. I feel fortunate to be able to volunteer at Interfaith, where I really see how the different teams work together to assist community members in need.”

Thank you so much, Kathy, for remaining dedicated through it all as we work together to provide effective programs and services that make the greatest impact in our community.


november 2021 – ramona richter

As the liaison between Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church and Interfaith Outreach, Ramona Richter knew it was important for her to “walk the talk” and really understand Interfaith’s work. Over the past 7½ years, Ramona has expanded her volunteer experiences by taking care of the jewelry department at Resale Select, helping clients put together work outfits in our Return to Work program, and coordinating information tables and communications at Holy Name during our annual Sleep Out.

Ramona is amazed at the number of people we help and believes that any of us could suffer a setback in life, so it’s important to share empathy. Volunteering has also been personally rewarding. Ramona remembers a woman she assisted in the Return to Work program who was trying on a suit she had selected. “The woman suddenly screamed when she looked in the mirror and started crying. She told me, ‘This is how I always wanted to look!'”

Ramona’s experiences at Interfaith Outreach have shown her firsthand what it is like to be part of a team. She says with a smile, “I can make a difference while having some amazing experiences.”

Thank you, Ramona!

September 2021 – HOUSEHOLD Merchandising Team

Debby Vanderheyden (left) Laurie Felling (center), Julie Vanderheyden (right), Pam Baker, and Terri Burke (not pictured) share a common bond, the joy of community. These five women make up the Resale Select Household Merchandising Team and they treasure the friendships they’ve made while working at the store. Terri explains, “You always volunteer with truly genuine people who want to help others in our community.” Laurie adds, “Most of us didn’t know each other before volunteering and we feel like a family now.”

This sense of camaraderie makes volunteering fun and purposeful. Laurie had volunteered at Methodist Hospital for five years and was looking for something different. “The friendships I have made here bring me so much joy. I love helping others in our community so they feel more a part of our community.”

As members of the Household Merchandising Team, Julie enjoys making the store look good by creating vignettes, and organizing it so it’s a great shopping experience for customers. Laurie believes in the whole concept of “donating, displaying and giving back.” Terri is proud how they take things that are someone else’s throw-aways and make them look attractive to someone else.

Even COVID-19 didn’t stop this team. They quickly changed gears to set up online sales and learned to use technology to engage and excite customers through Facebook, Zoom and Instagram. Resale continues to be a vital and award-winning local business.

Thank you to this team for your creativity and enthusiasm!

Join Resale Select’s 10th Anniversary activities as we celebrate all our amazing customers, volunteers and donors this year!

June 2021 – Linda Picek

Working on the Interfaith Outreach Back to School program is Linda Picek’s passion. She is amazed at the strong community support this program receives and is proud of our community and how individuals donate volunteer hours, supplies and funding. Providing our children with school supplies and a fresh, new backpack adds to the excitement surrounding a new school year. It also helps give students confidence as they enter new classrooms for the first time.

Over the past seven years Linda has been part of the Back to School committee. She interacts with other members to successfully implement different aspects of the program including coordinating volunteer help, creating grade-specific supply lists, inventory control, procuring items, purchasing supplies and packing the supplies for distribution.

Linda believes, “Truthfully I’ve probably gotten more from my volunteering than I’ve given — friendship, relationships with staff and clients, that feeling of making a difference.” One of the great things about working with the Back to School program is that it is a tangible, hands-on effort. She enjoys seeing the community support, the expressions of thanks from clients, and the joy on the children’s faces when they receive their new school supplies and backpacks.

Thank you, Linda!

may 2021 – joyce hayden

Volunteer Spotlight Joyce

Joyce Hayden is an incredible source of wisdom and care, personally and professionally. She has served on the Board of Directors at Interfaith Outreach for the past two years and has been involved even longer as a leadership volunteer with the Great Expectations Initiative. In particular, her heart and passion lie in supporting high school-age students.

Joyce’s professional role as an Achievement Specialist at Wayzata Public Schools helps her solidify the connections between school and community. Joyce is honored to be a part of the “ecosystem of support” created by the anchor partners of the Great Expectations Initiative: Interfaith Outreach and the Wayzata and Orono School Districts. Joyce states, “These partnerships are invaluable because they can stabilize a family. Even if a family can get one rung higher on the ladder…we can work together to help families access supports and grow and develop within a system that cares for them.”

Joyce works on behalf of, and volunteers in support of, local families and kids. Her work is helping youth access experiences that teach them the skills they need for that first job, write papers for college, get a better job after college and so much more. Her care steers young people to college, career and success in a positive trajectory.

If there were one key thing Joyce would like the community to remember, it is: how people are treated really matters! We can all do our part to help people feel they are cared for and that they matter.

Joyce, thanks for your work to help youth and their families feel a sense of belonging and care.

April 2021 – Employer Outreach Team

Employer Outreach Team April 2021

Dee Spalla, Mark Youngblood, Dayton Barkley and Larry Marczak share a passion for helping people pursue living wage jobs. Together they form the Employment Outreach Team, assisting job seekers in their journeys. Team members have worked in different industries and have diverse specialties including human resources, marketing, organizational development and manufacturing management. They use their professional backgrounds and perspectives in a variety of ways: skills identification, job searches, computer lab assistance, applications, resume and cover letter writing, and interview preparation.

The partnerships Interfaith Outreach is building with local businesses are essential to their success. Mark explains, “Accessing contact points within these companies is invaluable.”

The team is also sensitive to the emotional toll of a job search, which Larry describes as, “A slow process and [it] can be frustrating. Just being there to offer support helps.” Dee adds, “Equally important, we listen, advise, encourage and celebrate successes.”

Volunteering on the Employment Outreach Team is highly rewarding. Dee explains, “It helps me to live an intentionally purposeful life.” Mark adds, “The clients’ gratitude and expression of appreciation for becoming involved and working the process with them is truly rewarding — and what keeps me coming back.”

Thank you Dee, Mark, Dayton and Larry!

MARCH 2021 – Lisa and Amanda

Janna Homan February 2021

When the pandemic hit, Lisa and Amanda Vala increased their commitment to help keep Interfaith’s food shelf functioning. They realized many of the older volunteers were retreating and saw the increased need for volunteers. “The huge increase in food insecurity was one reason we continued to volunteer during the pandemic,” said Lisa.

Amanda is 27 years old and a long-term Interfaith Outreach volunteer who started at the food shelf back when it was in downtown Wayzata. Lisa’s weekly volunteering began after retiring from General Mills in 2019. Both enjoy being part of the Inventory Team on Monday mornings. Lisa’s husband Warren recently joined the team, so it is truly a family affair!

Amanda has a disability, autism, and sometimes sees the world through a different lens. “Hands down, Amanda’s favorite part of volunteering is throwing out expired or spoiled food. Every day is a contest to see who can find the oldest donated food item!”

Lisa likes that she is always busy when volunteering. She enjoys seeing the fruits of her labor, like a stocked refrigerator or beautiful rack of delicious bakery items.

Both Amanda and Lisa are motivated to help make the world a better place. Plus, “We are not very good at sitting still.” Thank you, Lisa and Amanda!

FEBRUARY 2021 – janna homan

Janna Homan February 2021

Janna Homan happily declares, “I have the best volunteer position at Interfaith Outreach!” As Birthday Shelf Coordinator, her efforts bring big smiles to the faces of many children celebrating birthdays and their families. Janna’s responsibilities include managing a large inventory of birthday gift donations and preparing them for families with children. “Before COVID-19, families were able to select the gifts for their children from the Birthday Shelf. Given the new health-related protocols, we now select and wrap the gifts.”

Every birthday basket Janna packs contains: a hand-made fleece blanket or stuffed animal, a toy or two, a book or educational item, and cake mix with frosting, birthday plates, napkins and candles, for special family celebrations. For Janna, “It’s like working at a toy store or being Santa’s helper!”

Janna is grateful that her position is both hands-on and fun. “Each time I handle a beautiful fleece blanket that I know someone made with great care, or when I select a toy that I know a donor thoughtfully shopped for, I feel proud to be a part of a community that is so generous.”

Janna, thank you for bringing birthday joy to so many children in our community!

JANUARY 2021 – ellie

Volunteer Spotlight Ellie January 2021

Before the pandemic you could find Ellie, a third grader at Gleason Lake Elementary, “working” at the food shelf the first Saturday of every month. Now, she is busy doing remote learning and spending time with her new cocker spaniel puppy named Lady.

Ellie is eight years old. Her favorite color is purple. Her favorite season is winter, “because it’s more cozy than the other seasons.” She loves playing outside, skiing, sledding and making snow forts. Ellie also enjoys checking out items for our guests at the food shelf and finding products off the ordering lists.

Ellie’s favorite part of volunteering is the end of the shift when her “boss” Debby lets her do extra projects like cleaning the carts, breaking down boxes and putting away food. Her most memorable experience was being allowed to go into the central walk-in freezer all by herself, which she found “a little scary.” Doing these extra projects makes Ellie feel special and appreciated.

Ellie thinks all the people at the food shelf “are really nice.” Helping people with their groceries is fun and it makes her feel good inside. Ellie is looking forward to rejoining her volunteer team at the food shelf. Next year she’d like to bring a friend!

Thanks so much, Ellie! We can’t wait to have you back.


Britta McGuire Volunteer Spotlight

Throughout her life, Britta McGuire has done service projects for Interfaith Outreach, many related to the food shelf. “It wasn’t until I joined Women with Purpose that I learned the food shelf is really the tip of the iceberg of services we provide our community.” Giving back is a core value shared by Britta and Interfaith Outreach. “It’s a place I know my time and financial contributions are directly benefitting my neighbors.”

One of Britta McGuire’s earliest memories is participating in the Adopt-A-Family gift program (now called Holiday Gift). “That was really the first time I realized many kids were not asking for toys, but for basic necessities.” Now this mother of three is making sure her children discover the joy of helping others.

This past summer, Britta and her 5-year-old daughter ordered supplies, counted out folders and notebooks, and created back-to-school kits. “[Dropping the kits off] was a wonderful opportunity to teach her about helping others,” Britta said. “Our involvement with Interfaith Outreach ensures our kids will learn about the needs in our community and have the opportunity to help meet those needs.”

Britta is grateful our community has Interfaith Outreach and supports it in as many ways as she can. Thanks, Britta!

OCTOBER 2020 – kristen spargo

Kristen Spargo October volunteer spotlight

Before Kristen Spargo started volunteering with Interfaith Outreach, she knew little about Somali culture. After nearly 17 years of living in Minnesota, which has the largest Somali community outside of Somalia, the self-described “extreme extrovert” knew only one person from this African country. When a new volunteer opportunity involving caring for toddlers and preschoolers arose at a Neighborhood Program site with majority Somali residents, Kristen enthusiastically signed up.

On the first Friday of the month you’ll find Kristen doing puzzles, drawing, building with blocks, or singing along with 2 to 10 Somali children. “As I’m getting ready to leave Lakeview Commons, one of the moms is always filling me a plate of samosas and a pouring me cup of tea,” said Kristen. “I love seeing these families around town, whether it’s at Urban Air, a basketball game or the grocery store.”

Kristen wants to live in a community where everyone feels welcome and appreciated. Her work at the Neighborhood Program makes her feel more connected to all of her neighbors, not just those who look like her. Thank you, Kristen. Your commitment to our Somalian community is inspiring.

SEPTEMBER 2020 – carol bergenstal

Carol Bergenstal, Chair of Great Expectations, is committed to our community and to providing social and educational opportunities for all children, especially those from marginalized families. “Some kids face challenges such as instances of low expectations and racism, the lack of resources to engage in enrichment activities, and a sense of exclusion from community life. These factors contribute to the opportunity gap and can impact success in school and life.” Closing that gap is the mission of Great Expectations, and Carol appreciates the inspired leadership of Andrea MacArthur, in partnership with Wayzata and Orono Schools, to make this initiative successful.

Carol began volunteering at Interfaith Outreach in the 1990s, serving on the Board of Directors. She has been on planning committees for major fundraisers including the Earl Cup, Caring for Kids Breakfast and Great Expectations Breakfast. This year she has returned to Interfaith’s Board of Directors.

Carol and her husband Rich have lived in Plymouth for 37 years. Their two children attended Wayzata schools, where Carol actively volunteered. They are now love-struck grandparents of three granddaughters.

Thank you, Carol. Your dedication is helping children reach their full potential.

JULY/AUGUST 2020 – resale leaders

With COVID-19 restricting customer access to Resale Select, store manager Sonja Carr assembled an outstanding volunteer leadership team to address the loss of revenue. The core team included Ellie Singer, Carol Wexler, Debby Vanderheyden, Susan Dankle, Stephanie LaSota and Sheila Nichols.

Because “Shelter at Home” provided many people time to clean out their closets, the group’s first initiative was to produce videos helping donors sort, select, clean and pack donations. These how-to videos are already in use and helping source quality items from our generous community.

The second and third initiatives addressed getting customers back to shopping again. COVID-19 brought new frontiers for Resale, but the team did not back down. They set up an in-person “shop by appointment” model, which shoppers embraced quickly!

The most daunting effort involved taking Resale Select shopping online. Everyone believed offering online shopping plus an in-store experience would expand Resale’s customer base and generate more revenue. The group was breaking new ground.

Cathy Guthrie, Mary Gould and Cheryl Bangasser were recruited for additional technical and creative expertise. The concept of the “Select Box” that would be unique to the online store was developed: carefully curated boxes of themed items such as “Baby Girl” or “Summer Picnic.” The day the site went live was a total thrill for all!

A huge thank you to the entire volunteer team guided by Sonja’s leadership. Sonja beams, “They can move mountains with their creativity.”

JUNE 2020 – bob rapp

Bob Rapp Interfaith volunteer June 2020

Twenty years ago Bob Rapp started looking for a volunteer opportunity. His wife Judy noticed Interfaith Outreach needed medical drivers who could pick up clients and bring them to medical appointments. It was a good fit for Bob and it gave him a chance to meet many different types of people and provide a much-needed service.

He remembers a woman whose husband was in a nursing home. Bob drove her to her medical appointments and also figured out a way to bring her to the nursing home to see her husband. Another client was in dialysis and Bob would pick him up on his way home from work. This attention to the needs of others has made Bob a very popular driver!

Upon retiring, Bob discovered an opening at Interfaith Outreach for a dispatcher position. He interviewed and started the same week. Now he is a dispatcher and a driver, working in the office two days a week to coordinate rides. “My favorite part is getting a chance to talk to people and helping them schedule their rides,” Bob says.

After 20 years, Bob still enjoys driving. “Listening to clients tell us how important our medical rides are to them is very rewarding.”

Well done, Bob! Many people appreciate and count on you.

may 2020 – madison qualle

Madison Qualle Volunteer Spotlight May

Madison Qualle, a junior at Wayzata High School, began her relationship with Interfaith Outreach in seventh grade while working toward the Girl Scout Silver Award. Her troop made baskets filled with essential items like toothbrushes, toothpaste, cards, soap and blankets. This experience motivated Madison to volunteer with our “Food to You” program, where she shopped for food for home-bound seniors. Around the holidays, Madison’s troop also made tie blankets and cards for all the seniors in the program. “It was fun to do something a little extra for them and many seniors said it was a happy surprise,” she said.

Madison values the positivity at Interfaith Outreach. She currently cashiers at Resale Select in addition to the Food to You program. She encourages other students to be part of Interfaith Outreach. “It’s really fun to volunteer and there are many different opportunities to get involved in like the Food Shelf, Resale Select and working with kids. There is something for everyone! Plus, you can do it with your friends and it makes you feel really good.”

In addition to volunteering, Madison enjoys baking, art and being outside. Her favorite school subjects are science and math. Thanks for your commitment, Madison. We look forward to seeing you soon!

APRIL 2020 – meghan bassett

Meghan Bassett Interfaith Volunteer Spotlight

A high school internship sponsored by Cargill introduced Meghan Bassett to Interfaith Outreach. Over the summer of 1998, she spent time at the front desk greeting clients, stocking the food shelf, organizing clothing donations and preparing the birthday gift closet for kids. “The internship helped me see the power of community, challenges others face and the amazing work that the Interfaith Outreach staff does on a daily basis.”

After moving back to the area in 2012, Meghan wanted to reconnect. Her accounting background was a perfect fit for Interfaith’s Finance Committee. It provided a way for Meghan to re-engage with Interfaith Outreach using her education and experiences to give back. “I love driving away after sitting in a finance committee meeting or board meeting, knowing that I have given my time to an organization I believe is doing so much good for my community.”

Meghan recently introduced her three young children to the Holiday Gift Program. “It was such a great experience to start teaching them what it means to buy [gifts] for others, give to people who need help and introduce them to the volunteer work that I enjoy doing.”

Amidst the uncertainties of COVID-19, Meghan ”looks forward to working through these challenges, so our organization can help our community stabilize, strengthen and thrive.”

Meghan, you are amazing! Thank you for your leadership.

MARCH 2020 – arlis, jill and vi

Arlis Werley, Jill Hatcher and Vi Schulte are all part of the Tuesday morning repack team at the Interfaith Outreach Food Shelf. They work together sorting and bagging bread, diapers, health beauty aids and other items to fill the shelves.

Arlis is the team lead and has been volunteering at Interfaith Outreach since 2003. Her commitment is fueled by “the mutual respect and comradery amongst both clients and volunteers.” Arlis appreciates how kind and caring everyone is. “It’s hard to volunteer here and have a bad day.”

Volunteering at Interfaith Outreach is a family affair for Jill Hatcher. Initially inspired by their mother, Jill and her two sisters all volunteer at Interfaith now. Jill felt a little nervous when she first started, but the friendliness and helpfulness of staff and other volunteers quickly put her at ease. On a personal level she notes, “Working at Interfaith Outreach reminds me how friendly and funny I can be.”

After retiring in 2006, Vi Schulte was looking to make a difference in her community. Prior to volunteering at Interfaith Outreach, she “never knew there was so much need.“ Vi would like to see Interfaith Outreach continue to grow and nurture relationships with donors, volunteers and clients.

Many thanks to Arlis, Jill, Vi and the entire Tuesday team for their generous spirit and teamwork!

Pictured above: Part of the Tuesday morning repack team includes (left to right) Myron Werley, Athalie Terry, Pepper Asche, Arlis Werley, Nicole St. John, and Jill Hatcher — some of the many devoted food shelf volunteers!

FEBRUARY 2020 – mark youngblood

Mark Youngblood’s goal is to use his professional skills to help people become self-sufficient. You can find Mark volunteering in Employment Services where he leads job search classes and assists in training sessions for keyboarding, computer basics and introductory office skills.

This is Mark’s 10th year volunteering at Interfaith Outreach. Over the years, he has had many rewarding experiences. His most memorable experience goes back seven years when he was working with Katie Shepherd, assisting with outreach to a group of teens. The teens knew Mark enjoyed sports and he often used basketball to form a connection during sessions. When several of the students were graduating, they got together and purchased some gifts for Mark as a “thank you.” He will always cherish the basketball they individually autographed in appreciation.

Mark finds it extremely gratifying to see his clients succeed. When someone he has helped returns to Interfaith Outreach years later, “The welcome and enthusiasm that these former clients give me is inspirational in itself.”

When Mark began volunteering ten years ago, “I was whole-heartedly welcomed by the Interfaith Outreach staff and clients. That spirit of inclusion continues to be the hallmark of the Interfaith experience.”

Thank you, Mark. Your decade of service has touched many lives.

JANUARY 2020 – cathy sandberg

Cathy Sandberg volunteer

Cathy Sandberg was an empty nester and experienced volunteer from the Champlin area. She knew she wanted to become involved in her new community and discovered that Interfaith Outreach had a great reputation and was close to her new home. The variety of volunteering opportunities impressed Cathy and she was thrilled that “everyone was so welcoming and kind.”

Today, Cathy wears many hats at Interfaith Outreach. She is a Client Services Volunteer at the front desk, greeting people and directing them to the right person or resource. She manages the Hospitality volunteer calendar. Cathy is Showroom Floor Team Lead at Resale Select and provides support to volunteers and additional help when the store is particularly busy. She also manages the Resale Select volunteer calendar. As part of “Team EVE” (enhancing the volunteer experience) at Resale Select, Cathy works to update volunteer processes so new volunteers can move more smoothly into their roles.

Cathy loves getting to know the “regulars” who come into Resale Select, making their shopping experience more personal. The Resale Select coat sale last October was a fabulous experience for Cathy. “Many clients came in to redeem coat coupons and it was heartwarming to see people find the perfect coat.”

Thank you for enhancing the volunteer experience, Cathy!

october 2019 – julie faxvog


Ask Julie Faxvog why she has volunteered at Interfaith Outreach for 39 years and she simply says, “Because every time I go home, I am happy.” This happiness comes from Julie’s almost magical way of connecting with people. Working at the front desk, she senses when a person needs extra help and doesn’t hesitate to give them her undivided attention.

Looking back, Julie remembers the early years in St. Bartholomew’s old rectory building where Interfaith Outreach began. People would drop in with a specific request for food, clothing, rent assistance or a ride. “Back then we would respond with a Band-Aid approach,” said Julie. “Today, guided by LaDonna’s wisdom and vision, we understand and address the root causes of poverty.” She is especially proud of our Great Expectations program. Her advice is, “Talk to children when you see them. Make them feel valued and loved.”

Julie believes that “small miracles happen every day at Interfaith Outreach.” One of her favorite memories involves a mother who came in because her son desperately wanted to play the trumpet. Later that day a trumpet was donated! It’s this sense of family and community that has fueled Julie’s desire to volunteer for almost four decades.

Julie, thank you for making Interfaith Outreach a community where everyone counts and all are valued equally. Your commitment is amazing.

september 2019 – zaibaa khan

Zaibaa Khan’s passion and energy is contagious. She is committed to helping children and becoming a successful entrepreneur. As a sophomore at Wayzata Senior High School, she was honored to be a member of the DECA team that went to the international competition in Orlando this year. She believes that businesses should always include social responsibility as part of its corporate mission.

Zaibaa became aware of Interfaith Outreach when we came to her mosque seeking clothing donations. Once she started high school, Zaibaa joined Y.E.S. (Youth Extending Service) and began volunteering on a regular basis. She eventually “fell in love” with the children’s play area. She adores building relationships with the children and their parents. “The kids I look after always inspire me and remind me to find beauty in the smaller things in life.” Helping kids learn and grow “has warmed my heart and made my volunteer experience unforgettable.”

Zaibaa has discovered a welcoming community at Interfaith Outreach. She believes we are “uniting our community by building connections, friendships and breaking the invisible barrier that seems to have kept us apart for so long.”

Zaibaa hopes Interfaith Outreach continues to grow and improve the lives of the people we serve. “It would be amazing to see the community all unite together under the common race of humanity.”

Thank you Zaibaa, for your wisdom, energy and passion.

august 2019 – mary leadholm

Mary Leadholm cares deeply about the children in our Interfaith Outreach community. She is committed to Caring for Kids, the foundational program of the Great Expectations Initiative. Mary enjoys working one-on-one with youth at Homework Club, as well as volunteering for PEAK. She excitedly helped sign up families for Great Opportunities funding and joined the Mental Health Action Team this year.

One of her most touching moments was this past spring while helping a boy she met three years ago. “On one of the last weeks of Homework Club, he asked me to help him with his reading assignment. I could see the joy on his face when he realized that he understood his homework. The best part is that he ran back, thanked me and gave me a big hug before he went home. That was the BEST feeling. Not only do I love that kid, but I feel like I made a difference.”

Mary has seen huge improvements in our understanding of what is holding some kids back in school. She has seen great strides in helping to overcome these barriers. Her dream is “for our greater community to adopt the Interfaith Outreach way of embracing diversity, welcoming everyone and working together to lift up the entire community.”

Thank you, Mary, for helping our children thrive.

july 2019 – lori lovig

Long-time Wayzata resident and former kindergarten teacher Lori Lovig has a quiet passion for all things vintage. Lori and her daughter Dawn share an appreciation for vintage clothes and collectibles that have been lovingly cared for by past generations. Lori’s interest in vintage items is a perfect fit with Resale Select, where she volunteers and is in charge of the vintage area.

In earlier years, Lori donated clothing for “the little house in Wayzata.” When plans were being developed for our current location, Lori was on the founding committee to explore possibilities for a new resale store. She did her homework, visiting other successful resale stores and she understood the importance of allowing space for receiving and sorting donations. Lori lobbied hard to create a large, functional space for our resale store. In the future she hopes Resale Select can be expanded to meet the growing need for receiving, sorting and staging.

Lori thanks all the resale volunteers, especially her “co-captain” Tyra Parsons, who brings years of retail antique expertise. She is proud that Resale Select has generated over $.5 million dollars for Interfaith Outreach since 2006.

Thank you, Lori, for your vision and hard work making Resale Select a reality. You are a treasure.

june 2019 – hal broxey

Hal Broxey has been involved with Interfaith Outreach for many years and is impressed with “the variety of volunteer opportunities that make a positive difference in our community.” Hal is currently a volunteer driver for the Medical Rides Program. As a volunteer driver, he has the opportunity to talk and develop personal connections with his passengers. On two occasions, these friendships grew so strong that when the men passed, their families invited Hal to their funerals. Connections like these bring special meaning to Hal’s commitment at Interfaith Outreach.

He considers Interfaith Outreach synonymous with “home,” a place where people encourage, accept and help each other. He believes “Interfaith Outreach has contributed to making Plymouth a preferred community that has a genuine caring interest in all our citizens, regardless of ethnic background.”

Hal and his wife Dee live in Plymouth and both feel that “having Interfaith Outreach located in Plymouth enriches the quality of our community.” Dee and Hal have volunteered in the food shelf and have supported local families through the Holiday Gift Program for many years. “The more we learned about the value of Interfaith Outreach to our community, the more motivated we became.”

In the future, Hal hopes Interfaith Outreach includes expanded assistance for battered women and transitional housing for those among us who are homeless.

Thank you, Hal. Every connection you make strengthens our community.

may 2019 – vincent cao

As a freshman, Vincent Cao learned about Interfaith Outreach through Club Y.E.S. (Youth Extending Services) at Wayzata High School. He and some friends signed up to help at the food shelf. “Although this was a lot more work than other volunteering events, I was thankful for the opportunity to make a big impact in my community. Volunteering at Interfaith Outreach allows you to witness the product of all your hard work through connections formed and the warm smiles from the families.”

Vincent’s favorite part of volunteering is the welcoming environment. “I am welcomed with cheerful smiles each time I volunteer at Interfaith Outreach.” He believes our close community of volunteers sets Interfaith Outreach apart from other organizations and is one of the main reasons volunteers stay so committed. “I really enjoy listening to stories of volunteers who have worked at Interfaith Outreach since before I was even born!”

He appreciates that Interfaith Outreach continually strives for improvement. “I notice healthier food options are now available, although they can be harder to acquire.” Vincent believes more checkout stations would speed up the checkout process and provide an opportunity for more volunteers to participate.

Now a Club Y.E.S. leader for volunteer events, Vincent leads projects at Interfaith Outreach and recruits Wayzata High School volunteers.

Thank you for your commitment, energy and great ideas, Vincent!

april 2019 – joan floren

Joan Floren is a “walking ambassador” for Interfaith Outreach, building awareness of our purpose and vision as she interacts with people throughout the Wayzata community. Her interest in Interfaith Outreach started around 1992 through her church, St. Philip the Deacon. The depth of Joan’s positive energy and diverse talents was evident and Joan graciously took on a new role of Interfaith Outreach board member.

In addition to assisting the board with its strategic and financial responsibilities, Joan uses her creativity, leadership and planning skills to make many Interfaith Outreach events extremely successful. Her favorite projects include co-chairing the Plant Sale for many years and organizing “Exciting Experiences” at our biennial Spread Your Wings Gala. Joan’s love of cooking has made several of these experiences deliciously memorable! Highlights include preparing succulent Greek dishes for the “Belly Dancing Party” experience and creating a beautiful “Downton Abbey High Tea” complete with scones, finger sandwiches, manners and lace.

Gardening is another of Joan’s passions – every year her gardens burst with a variety of annuals, perennials, herbs and vegetables. She grows 20 varieties of heirloom tomatoes and 30 varieties of dahlias!

Thank you, Joan. The depth and richness of your life experiences have touched Interfaith Outreach in many ways.

march 2019 – Carol Luthringshaurser

Carol Luthringshaurser’s commitment to Interfaith Outreach is both long-term and deeply felt. “Nothing makes me happier than seeing someone smile” sums up the motivation for her sustained commitment to volunteering.

Carol has worked at the Interfaith Outreach Food Shelf for 18 years! During this time she has witnessed many positive improvements, including the acquisition of our current building site in Plymouth. Our larger facility “makes clients feel less distraught and more comfortable compared to the old building where sometimes people waited in long lines and felt nervous or embarrassed.”

She is also thankful that our current facility allows us to offer so many services and calls it “a great luxury” to have Hennepin County Human Services and Wayzata Public Schools resources under our roof. As a volunteer, Carol feels part of a very caring community at Interfaith Outreach and looks forward to volunteering Monday and Wednesday afternoons.

Carol started volunteering at age 18, when her father was stationed at an airbase outside of Madrid. She became a Red Cross “Grey Lady” at the base hospital and fondly remembers wearing “a finely striped grey dress and little white nurse’s cap.” She met her husband Daniel at the airbase and they spent much of their marriage living in Europe, including 22 years in Paris! Today, Carol enjoys interacting with people from different parts of the world at Interfaith Outreach and remembers the challenges of learning a new language in a new land.

Thank you, Carol. Your ongoing commitment reflects your joy in volunteering.

february 2019 – mark johnson

Volunteering has always been a big part of Mark Johnson’s life. Over the years he’s been involved with nonprofit organizations in the areas of education, construction and mentoring services. However, at Interfaith Outreach he found a perfect match the employment needs in our community and his recruiting skills. Professionally, he is a Principle Technical Recruiter for Northrup Grumman where he finds engineers of all kinds to build products for the defense and space industries. At Interfaith Outreach he volunteers in Employment Services conducting mock interviews, career coaching and consulting clients on resumes and LinkedIn profiles.

Mark knows the importance of “having someone in your corner” during difficult times. He respects the courage it takes for clients to sit in front of him and share their hopes and dreams for employment when they are feeling lost and discouraged. He always reinforces the importance of believing in yourself and staying hopeful that things will change.

Tanya Williams influenced Mark’s perspective on volunteering. “She showed me there are no boundaries for helping others. She saw everyone as equals and believed that people want to do their best.” Mark even gave Tanya the nick-name “Nanya” because she loved everyone like a wonderful nanny would. Mark believes “everyone has something to offer at Interfaith Outreach.”

“Our system of volunteering is not based on words, it’s a ‘language’ based on compassion and action.”

Thank you, Mark. You inspire so many!

january 2019 – bob fridgen

Bob Fridgen is a lifelong learner. After 30 years of teaching math and physics in Minneapolis high schools, Bob became involved in volunteer programs including the Guardian Litem program in Hennepin County, where he was an advocate for children. After downsizing, he and his wife Sylvia moved to the Plymouth area. Bob learned about Interfaith Outreach through a fellow tennis player, Sue Wheeler. Bob is now a volunteer driver, bringing people to various education and health appointments two days a week.

People love to chat with Bob as he drives. Over the past five years he has met people from Morocco, Sudan, Japan, China, Turkey, Egypt and India. He has formed new relationships and has learned much about different countries and cultures. He has transported some people for 2-3 years. “They are gracious people, eager to share stories of their native land.”

Bob feels that “We really do have a community taking care of each other at Interfaith Outreach.” He enjoys meeting his riders and feels like he has traveled to parts of the world he would never have known. Bob believes “Interfaith Outreach is a great place to meet someone from a different culture and to do some good. I learn so much from them…it feels like we’re family.”

Thank you, Bob. We are proud to have you as part of our Interfaith Outreach community!

december 2018 – donna kaplan

Within minutes of meeting Donna Kaplan, you are attracted to her warmth and kindness. She is a woman of substance who uses her administrative talents to support our staff, creating more time for them to devote to programs and participants. On a given day Donna may be making volunteer name badges, copying client resource sheets, updating materials or working on miscellaneous projects. She also enjoys writing and editing materials.

Donna was attracted to Interfaith Outreach because people of all faiths (or no faith) are equally welcomed and no one is turned away who lives in our service area. She values community and supports executive director LaDonna’s vision of equality and inclusiveness. Donna recalls being asked to transcribe a speech LaDonna had made. She became so entranced with the message that she forgot to write down the words.

Donna’s favorite part of volunteering is her personal interaction with staff. The staff at Interfaith Outreach always makes her feel “valued, appreciated and part of the team.” The more she volunteers, the more she learns about Interfaith Outreach and the impact we make in the lives of individuals, families and children. She encourages others to discover the variety of volunteer opportunities that are available, from weekly volunteering to special events. “You’ll discover the staff are all amazing to work with,” says Donna.

Thank you, Donna. You are amazing, too!

november 2018 – kathy cerles

Kathy Cerles went to France as a chemical engineer and returned 10 years later with two beautiful daughters and a French husband. This experience sensitized her to cultural differences and the subtle challenges of living in a new country.

When Kathy heard about Interfaith Outreach needing volunteers for Homework Club, she got involved. While her expertise in math and reading is helpful, it’s Kathy’s desire to build trust and listen that helps her connect with children. She is empathetic to those who are new to our community and encourages them in a caring and sometimes humorous way.

Kathy finds her love of sports translates well to middle school boys. For instance, she came up with the idea of using NBA team logos and a map of the USA to teach geography. Kids had fun identifying and connecting each NBA team to a city, while learning more about the United States.

Kathy knows she isn’t there to judge, but to listen and build trust. She uses games to create positive experiences and reinforce values like fairness, taking turns, teamwork and respect. Children count on Kathy and she is grateful to be forming positive, trusting connections with them. She encourages others to make a difference in a child’s life by volunteering at Homework Club. “The rewards are far beyond what you can imagine. So, come out!”

Kathy – thank you for your energy, wisdom and humor that inspire youth at Homework Club.

october 2018 – sue winzeler

Volunteering at Interfaith Outreach’s front desk has opened Sue Winzeler’s heart and mind to the reality of suburban poverty. From the moment a new person enters the reception area, Sue greets them with dignity and respect. Her personal commitment is reflected in the way she makes people feel comfortable as she gathers new client intake information and connects them with a case manager.

Volunteering has been part of Sue’s life for many years, but after learning about Interfaith Outreach, she realized it would fit with her goal of doing something broader for the community. She loves Executive Director LaDonna Hoy’s “cradle to career” philosophy and is impressed with the depth and quality of services.

Sue has compassion and respect for people of different backgrounds who are united in wanting to create a better life. She is humbled by homeless people who have “fallen through the cracks” and may be living in a car or shelter. She appreciates the opportunity to connect these folks with amazing case managers.

Sue is also touched by the generosity of others. Tears came to her eyes as she described two examples. The first was a young man who came in and quietly handed her a check for $10,000 not wanting any recognition. The second was a couple who had received services the prior year and somehow managed to save $100 to help others.

Thank you, Sue. Your kind and generous spirit have touched many.

september 2018 – ann silloway

When Ann Silloway learned of the many services provided by Interfaith Outreach, her eyes were immediately drawn to child care. After just one volunteer session, Ann knew the Children’s Play Area was a perfect fit. She feels very fortunate to be caring for children while providing parents distraction-free time to visit on-site services. Ann knows all children understand the universal language of nurturing, caring and safe play.

Ann didn’t have an easy life growing up. Her mother died when she turned eight, leaving her father to raise six children (6 months to 15 years). A proud man, her father didn’t want to accept outside help, but he knew he had to in order to keep the family together. Now Ann is grateful to be giving back and has special empathy for families in transition.

Ann remembers a new mother coming in with her little boy for the first time who broke down crying because she felt ashamed to be there. Ann gave her a hug and assured her she was doing the right thing by asking for help, and that it wouldn’t last forever. After finding a job, the women cried together – tears of joy for the mother and bittersweet tears for Ann.

Thank you, Ann, for sharing your wise and tender gifts.

august 2018 – welde dubar

“Everything happens for a reason,” Welde Dubar says. Welde came to the United States from Liberia when she was 10. She went to college planning to secure a human resource management degree at Concordia University. When she was asked to volunteer her time at an event for kids and families, however, her life shifted. “I changed my major and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in early child development.”

Thanks to her willingness to say “yes” to volunteer opportunities, Welde became a “go-to” mom at an after school program at her son’s school. “I told myself that if I have the opportunity to change things and help people relate to others, I would definitely do it.”

One of her son’s teachers, Sue Strom, saw a spark in Welde. Sue asked her to help with a cultural studies initiative so students could learn to honor and understand each other’s cultures. Welde responded with an enthusiastic, “Yeah, my son and I can tell you all about Liberia.” Welde became a guest speaker and brought food from her culture to feed 26 kids in an after-school program. She volunteered for the next five weeks and, as a result of her being there, other immigrant parents chose to share their gifts and worldly experiences in the classroom as well.

Spurred by the aligning efforts of Interfaith Outreach and the Wayzata and Orono School Districts, anchor partners in Great Expectations, Welde was also asked to be a part of PEAK – a Parent University, one of the programs aligned with the Great Expectations Initiative. Her role as a PEAK leader dovetailed beautifully with her job as an Intercultural Liaison in the Wayzata School District.

Thank you, Welde, for choosing to volunteer and share your gifts to enrich the lives of local families and kids.

june 2018 – darlene woolsey

When Darlene Woolsey met with Interfaith Outreach in February of 2012, she was already an experienced volunteer. After a successful 26-year career in human resources at General Mills, Darlene retired and became involved with several local nonprofit organizations and Park Nicollet Hospice. She enjoyed this work but was looking for more flexibility and a location in the western suburbs.

Darlene had heard positive things about Interfaith Outreach, and when the new offices opened on the corner of Highway 101 and County Road 6, she decided to tour the facility. Darlene was immediately impressed with the depth and quality of services offered and the approachability of senior staff, especially Executive Director LaDonna Hoy.

After meeting with Community Engagement Director Liz Erstad-Hicks, Darlene began working with kids in the children’s play area and driving people to medical appointments. Later she began helping with mailings and data entry, which helps to free up time for staff to engage in additional projects.

Today you will most likely find Darlene shopping at Costco every Monday, filling her cart with healthy afternoon snacks for children participating in Homework Club. She generously donates her time to provide and deliver these delicious and nutritious snacks. The trunk of her car is usually stocked with healthy munchies.

Darlene also continues to provide transportation to medical appointments and recently drove one of her favorite passengers who said, “Today was wonderful, we laughed so much!”

Thank you, Darlene. Your smile and positive energy touch many!

May 2018 – Gavin Frank

Gavin Frank is an active and motivated sophomore at Wayzata High School. He has many interests and talents including academics, track and field, Math Club, Student Council, Juggling Club, unicycle riding and Club Y.E.S. (Youth Extending Services).

At the beginning of his freshman year, Gavin was looking for an organization where he could volunteer regularly, but also have flexibility and variety. He discovered that Resale Select offers this and more. Gavin started out working in the back, processing donations and learning retail basics. Then he decided to work out front, where he could interact with customers. Gavin has done everything from hanging picture displays to laminating nametags. He constantly learns how to do new things that make Resale Select more productive.

A moment Gavin will always remember occurred last fall. It had been a long shift, and he was about 30 minutes away from closing the registers when a nice, enthusiastic man approached him. “We made small talk, he thanked me, and then he was out the door. I noticed he had left a card on the counter. I ran after him in the parking lot. He thanked and told me, ‘Your really have a knack for this sort of thing.’ I remember he sounded so genuine, and it’s stuck with me.”

Resale Select also provides Gavin with leadership opportunities. He is able to lead and organize up to eight other volunteers, “a valuable skill most 15-year-olds don’t get to experience.” He loves learning what it takes to keep a huge group of people organized, and he appreciates the importance of building community by looking for ways to help one another.

Gavin’s enthusiasm, talents and wisdom are a great asset at Resale Select. Thank you, Gavin!

April 2018 – jessica markkula

Jessica Markkula could be described as the ultimate “people person.” Her passion is connecting with people and developing strong, positive relationships. Jessica’s dedication to relationship building is reflected in her commitment to family, her faith community, a career as a Vice President at BMO Harris Bank and her volunteer work at Interfaith Outreach.

The breadth and depth of service offered at Interfaith Outreach continue to amaze Jessica. She appreciates the way our staff takes time to understand the strengths and interests of volunteers. In Jessica’s case, her dedication and organizational skills have been a huge asset to the Spread Your Wings gala and the leadership team at Interfaith Outreach. She knew she wanted to interact more with the Board of Directors and will serve as Secretary of the Executive Committee this year.

Jessica and her husband Jason want their children to experience the compassion found at Interfaith Outreach. Last November, the family participated in the Bedless Night activity as part of Interfaith’s 2017 Sleep Out campaign. Turning down the thermostat and sleeping together on the family room floor gave their family a better understanding of being homeless in the suburbs. The children also help pack food for the Food to You program and donate used toys and clothing to Resale Select.

Thank you, Jessica! We are inspired by your service and the way you choose to live life.

march 2018 – chris leaf

Chris Leaf was inspired by his wife, Lindsey, who volunteers with the Interfaith Outreach Neighborhood Program Homework Club. Wanting to affect change instead of sit on the sidelines, Chris decided to meet with staff at Interfaith Outreach to identify where his time and talents could best be of service.

Chris soon decided the food shelf’s “Food to You” program would be a great fit! He has great empathy for seniors and adults with disabilities who need assistance with groceries. He now volunteers two Saturdays a month facilitating behind-the-scenes activity for the program. Chris also finds it uplifting to see volunteers come back again and again to help in the food shelf.

Because “Food to You” operates on Saturdays, sometimes the food choices are limited. He is impressed with the thoughtfulness of his supervisor, Debby Donahue, who goes above and beyond to ensure that items most often requested by seniors (such as smaller cuts of meat and paper products) are available for them.

Thank you, Chris, for reminding us all to “be the change we want to see in the world.”

february 2018 – dayton barkley

Dayton chose to volunteer with Interfaith Outreach Employment Services because he believes having a job is the key to obtaining basic needs like food, housing and shelter. Working in the computer lab, Dayton sees himself as a cheerleader — encouraging job seekers to stay positive and keep trying.

He uses his past experience in business management to provide emotional and practical support. Dayton helps job seekers understand the importance of a well-crafted resume that stresses their past accomplishments. He teaches clients how to use an effective cover letter to make them stand out and showcase their professionalism.

Dayton’s most memorable client was a sous chef, who would travel several miles by bicycle every day (including winter) to Interfaith Outreach for his job search. Finally this man had two interviews scheduled, but he didn’t have transportation or clothing for the interviews. Interfaith Outreach stepped in and provided the resources he needed. When he landed a sous chef position, Dayton was thrilled for him!

Seeing hard working people succeed in their job search is the highlight of Dayton’s volunteering. Thank you, Dayton, for helping make others’ dreams come true!

january 2018 – joan semmer

When calm, kindred spirit Joan Semmer walks into a room, people listen. Joan’s background in strategic marketing and communications has served hundreds of brands, businesses and nonprofit organizations in the Upper Midwest. We are grateful she continues to choose Interfaith Outreach as one of the organizations she supports. She is a smart, caring, compassionate, community-minded leader who volunteers her professional skills and helps move Interfaith Outreach forward. Joan helped guide staff through the process of developing a revitalized brand identity for Interfaith Outreach. She was also the driving force behind rebranding Resale Select in 2016 – holding listening sessions with volunteers, leading strategy sessions with staff, generating names and taglines, and consulting on the visual brand identity.

Joan currently uses her people skills and writing wisdom to create the monthly Volunteer Spotlight features that highlight our amazing volunteer power. She also shares her gifts with Kairos Alive!, a nonprofit that uses dance and storytelling to create a sense of community and well-being in participants of all ages and walks of life. As she was raising her children, Joan encouraged them to be involved with Interfaith Outreach by participating in food drives, as well as donating to the food shelf and Holiday Gift Program. Joan believes in the importance of nurturing the human spirit and is honored to be working with Interfaith Outreach.


Dedicated. Kind. Caring. Generous. Cathy Roth embodies the spirit of the holiday season at Interfaith Outreach. Cathy has been a community supporter of Interfaith Outreach for many years, volunteering with the food shelf, Resale Select, Holiday Gift Program and The Sleep Out. She loved working with these programs but was seeking a deeper relationship with the organization, wanting to work directly with staff and utilize her planning and leadership skills. Cathy graciously accepted the position of volunteer chairperson of the Interfaith Outreach Holiday Gift Program.

From planning through implementation, Cathy’s deep dedication is evident in every aspect of the Holiday Gift Program. She logs in countless hours from July to January to make this program a huge success. She works directly with our Community Engagement staff to lead volunteer groups through the process of registering families. Last year 2,647 individuals had a happier holiday because of our Holiday Gift Program, and Cathy was key to that success.

Cathy’s favorite part of volunteering at Interfaith Outreach is having a direct impact on people. From talking to a young girl who brought in a ziplock bag filled with change to interacting with volunteers and staff, Cathy’s kindness and caring is felt by many.

Thank you, Cathy, for your hard work and for inspiring us!

november 2017 – ben johnson

Ben Johnson was curious. He’d driven past the Interfaith Outreach building on many occasions and one day decided to simply walk in and find out what it was all about. The enthusiasm of the staff was contagious! After learning about the breadth and depth of the organization’s work and history in the community, it was an easy decision for him to volunteer at Interfaith Outreach whenever possible.

Ben’s commitment to Interfaith Outreach is amazing. He has volunteered in the food shelf, Resale Select, Homework Club and even with the annual furniture sale. His favorite memory was getting a big unexpected hug from a young Homework Club student. Ben had underestimated the impact he was making just by being there.

Ben now serves on the Development Committee and invests his time organizing community events on behalf of Interfaith Outreach. He actively promotes The Sleep Out campaign to increase awareness and funding, and he also recruits business participants for the Shop with a Purpose event in December. During the spring Prevent Hunger campaign, he helps organize a fun, interactive food drive and networking event. Ben also partners with the Greater Wayzata Area Chamber of Commerce to provide backpacks and school supplies during Back to School.

Ben believes the collaboration of great people in the community and at Interfaith Outreach is the key to our success. By working together we can accomplish amazing things. Thank you, Ben, for your wisdom, energy and commitment!

october 2017 – katherine magy

Katherine Magy grew up going to Wayzata schools and discovering Interfaith Outreach early in life. She remembers a food drive in middle school that was also a friendly competition. Pulling her red wagon, Katherine spent a day walking through her grandmother’s neighborhood, requesting donations and raising awareness of our food shelf. Shopping with her parents and selecting gifts for our Holiday Gift Program is another wonderful memory. One year, Katherine and her friend Claire actually appeared in marketing materials for the Sleep Out. Smiling photographs show them joining others at St. Phillip the Deacon Lutheran Church.

When Katherine moved back to Plymouth after college with her now-husband of six years, she wanted to get involved with Interfaith Outreach again. Drawing on her professional work experience, Katherine supports Interfaith Outreach Human Resources by consulting on organizational development projects, providing information on employment law and best practices, and serving as a resource and support for our staff. In this role, much of the work Katherine does for Interfaith Outreach is remote, which is a blessing for a part-time working/part-time stay-at-home mother of a toddler with a little one on the way. She also enjoys meeting families and registering them for the Holiday Gift Program or getting them set up with their back-to-school supplies.

Thank you, Katherine. We know your love of Interfaith Outreach will continue on in your children.

september 2017 – laurie schulzetenberg

Laurie Schulzetenberg is proud to call Interfaith Outreach her “happy place.” She enjoys giving back to her community and has met some wonderful people in the process. In 2016, Laurie found herself with some extra time and decided to search out opportunities at Interfaith Outreach. Her positive attitude and past retail experience made her a perfect fit for Resale Select. Now you can find her working behind the scenes – accepting and sorting donations, organizing, straightening and sometimes supervising volunteer groups.

Laurie has experienced many rewarding moments. One day a Somali woman explained that her young daughter had developed a huge interest in reading after receiving some children’s books from Resale Select. Prior to that, the girl didn’t like reading at all. Now both were beaming from ear to ear with thankfulness! The mother was proud of her daughter’s eagerness to learn and the daughter was excited her mother was so happy.

Another tender moment occurred after a woman, who had just had a great shopping experience at Resale Select, confided she had terminal cancer. Laurie knew they had all helped to make her day brighter.

Laurie’s advice is to check out the volunteer opportunities at Interfaith Outreach, pick your passion, support our community and have fun. Thanks, Laurie!

august 2017 – gary charles

Gary Charles likes the notion of reaching out to neighbors who may be going through a rough spot in their lives. He knows the services provided by Interfaith Outreach make a big difference for these families and our community is strengthened when neighbors help neighbors.

Gary started his journey with Interfaith Outreach working through his church to provide occasional meals for an area housing unit. It was heartening for him to see how grateful folks were that their neighbors cared about them and their families. Gary was inspired by these encounters and by meeting other Interfaith Outreach volunteers committed to strengthening our community!

Gary knows another way to build a strong community is to work with our youth. For several years he was a tutor with Homework Club in Shenandoah Woods, meeting with many bright kids of a variety of ages. Gary was constantly surprised and amused by their refreshing comments and unique perspectives.

This year, Gary is working with the Great Expectations Initiative, exploring how to bring community resources to address the educational achievement and opportunity gap among students in the Wayzata and Orono school districts. He is part of an Action Team looking at students in the 6 to 8-year-old range.

Thank you, Gary. Your ongoing commitment is an inspiration to all of us!

JUly 2017 – shirl melton

Over 17 years ago, Shirl Melton came up with a creative idea for a fundraiser that has since evolved into Interfaith Outreach’s premier fundraising gala. Her friend Belle Davenport suggested she present the idea to LaDonna Hoy and the rest is history.

Shirl was selling real estate at the time and worked with many local builders, architects and community clients who were intrigued with the idea of designing and building custom birdhouses that could be sold at an auction. LaDonna named the event “Spread Your Wings.” The first silent auction and dinner took place at Cargill and showcased the power of our volunteers and our community members working together to make the event a grand success. In addition, Shirl was also instrumental in the early days of the Earl Cup golf tournament — wow!

Shirl also became an on-site volunteer at Interfaith Outreach 17 years ago. As an intake specialist, she meets with community members who are coming in for food assistance. Shirl always takes time to listen to their stories, like Ana, whose grandmother passed away just before she left Russia. Shirl reminds her so much of her grandmother that every time Ana is here for classes she runs into Shirl’s office to give her a big hug and always leaves with a tear in her eye. Another woman insists on giving Shirl handfuls of Russian candies every two weeks, laughs and tells Shirl that she’s too thin and then leaves happy.

Thank you, Shirl, for your past contributions and for making every person you meet feel valued!

JUNE 2017 – abby Waaraniemi

Abby reminds us of the importance of having positive mentors in our life. A year and a half ago, Abby was volunteering at an elementary school and a mentor suggested she consider volunteering at a Homework Club as part of the Interfaith Outreach’s Neighborhood Program. It has been a perfect fit.

Abby loves coming on Tuesdays, connecting with the children, learning with them and then enjoying free time together.

The first thing Abby realized was that the success of Homework Club is based on building strong relationships. This unique challenge brings Abby personal fulfillment as she interacts with the children and earns their trust, respect and friendship. Abby knew she was in her element in Homework Club when, only a few short weeks after starting, she was happily welcomed by the children.

The homework help is made even more meaningful by the smiles and laughs Abby shares with the students and fellow volunteers every Tuesday. The kids have had an enormous impact in Abby’s life and now, as their mentor, she hopes to make even a small impact in theirs.

Abby, thank you for making a difference in the lives of our children!

may 2017 – deb ottman

Deb Ottman’s passion for supporting the education and development of young children extends to her career, her volunteerism and personal life.

Interfaith Outreach benefits from Deb’s knowledge and experience working for the University of Minnesota’s Center for Early Education & Development. In fact, Deb volunteers in three separate Interfaith Outreach initiatives. She’s on the advisory board for Caring for Kids, participates in a work group for Great Expectations and reads to preschoolers in Storytime Matters.

By far her favorite part of volunteering is the time spent reading to 4-year-olds in Storytime Matters. She enjoys interacting with these little people while helping them develop social, emotional and literary skills.

Deb was searching for a way to give back to her community and was drawn to Interfaith Outreach because it serves the area where she and her husband John raised their sons and still live. Additionally, Interfaith Outreach embraces intentional, mindful leadership, which is framed by understanding that we all do better when given the opportunity to build our own capacity for learning and understanding, regardless of the roles we play.

Deb appreciates working with the incredible staff, volunteers and program participants at Interfaith Outreach and is also impressed with the professional development the organization offers.

Thank you, Deb!

april 2017 – kay ness

Kay Ness is touched by the sincerity of clients who comment on the personal attention, politeness and respect they feel when greeted at the front desk at Interfaith Outreach. Kay’s goal is to make sure every client feels welcome and special as she assesses their immediate needs and directs them to the appropriate personnel. Her favorite part of volunteering is knowing she can make a difference in someone’s life with compassion and kindness. Clients have made a difference in her life, too. She witnesses bravery, humility and strength in the human spirit when a client steps forward to describe their situation.

Kay became involved with Interfaith Outreach as a way to give back to the community.  She has always been motivated to help those in need and appreciates how the staff and volunteers at Interfaith Outreach work together as a team to solve problems and get things done.

In spite of the fact that life can be complicated, messy and confusing, Kay believes that we are on this earth to help each other. She strives to establish a positive connection with each person she welcomes, knowing there can be mixed emotions when a client enters the Interfaith Outreach offices for the first time. Thank you, Kay, for making our clients feel valued and respected.

march 2017 – melanie awcock

Committed. Focused. Dependable. These words describe volunteer Melanie Awcock, who works quietly behind-the-scenes with the Interfaith Outreach “Food to You” service, which selects and delivers food items from the food shelf to seniors and adults with disabilities. Melanie first learned about the Interfaith Outreach Food Shelf at her church, Vision of Glory Lutheran Church in Plymouth. She wanted to give back and be part of something that addresses a real need in our community. Melanie discovered her interests and computer skills were a perfect fit for coordinating information used by “Food to You.”

Being a task-oriented person, Melanie enjoys arriving at Interfaith Outreach, sitting in front of her computer and knowing she is helping our community. Liz Erstad-Hicks calls Melanie her “fairy” because she flits in and out and always gets the job done. After volunteers call program participants and fill out their requests for food, Melanie opens each request list and completes a final delivery list. These user-friendly delivery lists are collated with other information to make them ready for action. Melanie’s organizational talents and computer skills make the process go smoothly and contribute to the success of the “Food to You” program.

Melanie says her commitment to Interfaith Outreach is sustained by picturing our beautiful seniors receiving their food and eating something delicious. She appreciates that both volunteers and clients are empowered to grow at Interfaith Outreach, and she encourages others to step up and find out how they can help. Thank you, Melanie.

Melanie is pictured with her daughter Zoe.


Dee Spalla’s goal of living an intentionally purposeful life is apparent in her deep commitment to our clients and the compassionate staff of the Interfaith Outreach Employment Services team. Dee leverages her 25 years of professional human resources experience to provide insight, expertise and encouragement to our clients as they research and seek employment. Her holistic approach includes conducting personal interviews and exploring professional goals, strengths and life challenges. She assists clients in researching employment opportunities, as well as writing their resumes and appropriate cover letters. She also conducts “mock interviews” to prepare clients for phone and in-person job interviews. Dee loves the privilege of working with and on behalf of our wonderfully diverse community of clients. She feels joy and a sense of purpose upon learning a client she has assisted has gotten a job.

Dee and her husband Denny have lived and raised their family in the Plymouth/Wayzata community for over 45 years, so they are very familiar with Interfaith Outreach and the wonderful work our staff and volunteers do for the community. Dee is honored to be involved with Interfaith Outreach and admires how hard and patiently clients work to improve their lives, overcoming incredibly difficult life challenges. She feels very fortunate that the Employment Services team accepted her request to volunteer. We are honored that Dee is part of our 2,000+ strong volunteer community. Thank you, Dee!

january 2017 – miriam goldfein

Miriam Goldfein started volunteering with Interfaith Outreach in early 2015. She has a background in market research so she understands how to dig into census data, household income and other stuff that some people might find, well, a little boring. But Miriam is amazing at crunching numbers and data. She helps Interfaith Outreach staff research trends related to the barriers people face in our community and often helps pull data that allow staff to educate the community about the root causes of poverty.

Because of her research background, Miriam helps Interfaith Outreach staff gather and analyze data. And, as the organization continues to develop its Diversity & Inclusion Group (DIG), Miriam helps generate demographic surveys to better understand our staff, board and volunteers. Her incredible kindness and generosity also shines through when she volunteers 3-4 times a month at food shelf intake meetings to help us learn more about clients before they visit the food shelf.

Miriam tells us, “I had known about Interfaith Outreach for a long time. Through some networking, a colleague suggested I look at volunteer opportunities at the organization. What got me hooked was not only the professionalism I experienced, but also the willingness of the volunteer coordinators to ask me about my skills and suggest ideas of projects where I could use those skills. It was a perfect match. I am always so amazed at how great the clients are, as well as the staff. Everyone is so appreciative and grateful. I have volunteered at many different organizations and Interfaith Outreach does the best job making volunteers feel like they are adding value.”

Thank you, Miriam! You are part of a powerful group of volunteers that make the behind-the-scenes work….WORK at Interfaith Outreach!

december 2016 – aly rahmatullah

Wayzata High School sophomore Aly Rahmatullah is known for being a strong student, but he has also gained a reputation for his generosity in the community. When Aly is not in class or studying to maintain his A-student status, you can find him volunteering at Interfaith Outreach doing what he can to help others. He’s a regular volunteer in the Food Shelf and a big help with our day-to-day operations.

“It just gives me some happiness to see clients walk out with some groceries, to know they’re good for the next week or so… making them happy and making sure they have what they need.”

“It’s not just helping out in the community. It’s really fun volunteering with friends, too.” Aly has set a great example for those around him. He even inspired his mother to begin volunteering in the Food Shelf this fall!

Thank you, Aly! We couldn’t be more proud of the amazing youth in our community who share their time, talents and boundless energy to keep our organization up and running!

October 2016 – Gary Lasche
Interfaith Outreach Board Member


In 2011 Gary was looking for an opportunity to give back to his community. In his words, “I wanted to contribute my time and efforts to help people in my own back yard.” He found that opportunity when he began serving on the Finance Committee of Interfaith Outreach in 2011. In 2013 he was invited to join the Board. Today Gary is the Board Treasurer, working with the Finance Committee and the finance staff on accounting, reporting, budgeting and planning.

Gary describes his role. “I, along with many other capable people, serve as the financial stewards of the organization. Over the past few years we have enhanced the financial infrastructure, built up the funding reserves, added internal financial controls and improved long range planning. I am proud of the fact that there were no internal control deficiencies discovered in last year’s financial audit. Mary Larson and Dinh Nguyen (Interfaith Outreach staff) were a huge help in achieving the zero deficiency audit.”

What benefits does Gary realize personally from volunteering? “I enjoy knowing that the efforts of my volunteer work are helping advance the mission of Interfaith Outreach in serving my neighbors in the local community. I also enjoyed working with the staff on the Diversity and Inclusion Group (DIG). DIG got me out of my element when I represented the Board and worked directly with the staff on that initiative.”

Gary also volunteers monthly at Sharing and Caring Hands through a group from St. Philip the Deacon Church. In addition to volunteering in his spare time, Gary enjoys exercising and riding his bike on the local bike trails and playing with his 3-year old grandson.

September 2016 – SUSAN DANKLE


Susan Dankle is (finally) putting her college degree in retail merchandising to good use! Susan volunteers in Resale Select to help create displays, design the overall look of the store and manage women’s accessories.

“Volunteering in the store is heartwarming!” says Susan. “It’s so rewarding to see people’s excitement as they pick out coats, hats and gloves before winter hits. Our customers are so appreciative of what they receive, and I love the level of respect families feel from shopping in a real store – just like they would at Target.”

Big thanks to Susan and her fellow Resale Select volunteers!

August 2016 –  MATTHEW MWANGI


Matt Mwangi is a 9th grader, but his confidence and maturity far exceed his age. Having been a camper at Camp CONECT as a kid, Matt decided to volunteer as a camp leader this summer. The 2nd and 3rd grade campers keep him busy, but his positive attitude helped him persevere.

“Volunteering as a leader in the program has been so rewarding,” says Matt. “I get to give back and get to know the campers from a new perspective – as a leader rather than as their peer.”

Thanks to Matt and the many other hardworking Camp CONECT volunteers!

July 2016 – WELLS FARGO


A $27,500 grant from Wells Fargo for a new van removes transportation barriers to safely bring children to enriching activities, draws seniors into social gatherings and connects community members together to build stronger neighborhoods.

In addition to the grant, Wells Fargo team members from the Wayzata branch regularly volunteer to support Interfaith Outreach’s mission, including participating in the Bankers Souper Cook-off fundraiser.

Thank you, Wells Fargo, for being a great community partner!



Mistiha Jayaraj is a whiz with the 4th-6th graders at the Lakeview Commons Homework Club. Mistiha provides homework assistance and her natural positive attitude so kids can achieve academic and social success.

“I enjoy volunteering because it’s a way to expand my perspective. I meet new people and do new things,” shares Mistiha. A funny highlight is when the ice cream truck comes around to Lakeview Commons. “Everyone miraculously learns how to speed read and no longer has any homework!”

Special thanks to Mistiha and the rest of our amazing Homework Club volunteers!

May 2016 – Mary Burton


When families visit Interfaith Outreach case managers, the Food Shelf or other programs, they can drop their kids off in the Children’s Play Area. Here the kiddos play with caring volunteers like Mary Burton and are kept safe and busy while mom and/or dad receives support.

Mary joined Interfaith Outreach in 2011 as a weekly volunteer and now manages volunteer schedules, trains new volunteers and still makes time to play!

Mary says, “If you ever hear a child crying in the Children’s Play Area, nine times out of 10 it’s because they don’t want to leave. They love it!”

April 2016 – Ron Olson


Ron Olson, a committed data entry volunteer, started with Interfaith Outreach in 2011 after retirement. A quick typist and a pro at database searches, Ron ensures volunteer hours are tracked accurately so we know the shared impact volunteers make!

Ron has a heart for helping others. He’s volunteered 200+ times at Interfaith Outreach, totaling over 1,025 hours of service! “I continue to volunteer with Interfaith Outreach because I enjoy the atmosphere and getting to share the skills I acquired during my career in a rewarding and meaningful way.”

Big thanks to Ron and all our wonderful data entry volunteers!