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Interfaith Outreach and the Food Shelf are partnering with Nutrition for All and Lucy Berman, MPH, RD, to provide FREE nutrition counseling through November 2022. Nutrition counseling is a partnership with a registered dietician to help you improve your eating habits and your health. 

Counseling includes talking about your priorities and health goals and addressing the challenges you face when it comes to healthy eating. 

In-person sessions will be held at Interfaith. The first sessions must be in person. Follow-up sessions can be held virtually. $50 grocery gift cards are available for every 3 sessions you complete.

For more information:
Email Lucy
Schedule a Meeting with Lucy


Relate Counseling center –

Relate Counseling Center provides free counseling and mental health support to adults – individuals, couples and families – for families using Interfaith Outreach services. Counselors are available to meet in person at Interfaith on Mondays and Thursday, and for telehealth services Monday through Friday. 

Washburn Center for Children –

Washburn Center for children provides counseling to support the social, emotional and educational development of children who are experiencing depression, anxiety, trauma or other mental health stressors. Washburn Center’s services are available on-site at Interfaith Outreach, in your home, at school, at a child care center, or through telehealth services. Costs not covered by your insurance are paid for by this Interfaith/Washburn Center partnership.

Metro Behavioral Health –

Metro Behavioral Health provides free counseling to adults and children ages 5-17 as a service of Interfaith Outreach. Services are tailored to individual/family needs and cultural background. Staff are qualified, licensed mental health clinicians and are trilingual in Somali, Swahili and English. Zoom and phone appointments are available, or in-person at Interfaith if needed. Costs not covered by your insurance are paid for by this Interfaith/Metro Behavioral Health partnership. 

For more information or to schedule a time to meet with either Relate, Washburn or Metro Behavioral Health staff, please talk with Interfaith staff – Case Managers, Neighborhood Program or Employment Services.