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prevent hunger

Hunger in our community is hard to see, but it’s  real

Nearly half of those who come to Interfaith Outreach for the first time need food. The most vulnerable members of our community — seniors living on fixed incomes, families struggling to make ends meet, and children — too often miss meals. With the help of this generous community, we distributed nearly 1 million pounds of food and household essentials last year, helping families stretch budgets and prevent hunger. While food might be the most urgent need, it’s usually not the only challenge our neighbors face. At Interfaith Outreach, we also work holistically to prevent future hunger through employment and family support services. Your gifts are feeding families and fueling hope for people who live, work and play right next door.

campaign DATES: MARCH – April 16, 2021

goal: $200,000


For every $1, we can source $9 worth of food. Your dollars do blah blah blah…learn more